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My values

My favourite bird is the arctic tern (sterna paradisaea), one of the most nomadic birds on the planet.


Making an annual roundtrip of up to 90'000 km between the North and the South pole, it sees two summers every year and gets more daylight than any other animal in the world. 

For me, the arctic tern is a wonderful metapher for some key features of mature organizational personalities: AGILITY. ADAPTABILITY. FLEXIBILITY.

 Humans are humans are humans 

I have no great enthusiasm for the homo economicus concept. On the contrary, one of the dilemmas of today's society lies in the preference of the "objective" thinking in either-or categories (such as right - wrong, good - bad).

Humans are humans - and pretending they are not, is simply not helpful.

Major misconduct continues in financial services across the globe, and many organizational culture change efforts ultimately fail. And now, we are on the eve of the fourth Industrial Revolution, turning everything upside down.


 Autonomous individuals 

 A focus on the meta level 


She combined her passion for „best in class“ solutions and her flair for interdisciplinary thinking to develop a new, analytical qualitative evaluation methodology that she named Personality-based Internal Auditing PBA®.


PBA® combines two knowledge areas that have been kept separate to date: Internal audit and cutting-edge, scientific psychological system theory that describes human behavior as the result of distinct personality system connectivity patterns.


We are open-minded and love both analytical and holistic thinking. 

A focus on humans

We are fascinated by the soft, intangible evaluation topics.

Human factors pervade the entire business life, and that taking them into account as internal auditors is key to change, especially in driving operational efficiency and effectiveness. 



Fun & commitment

We love the work we do.

"That's an amazing invention, but who would ever want to use one of them?"

A quotation about the telephone attributed to the U.S. Presidents Ulysses S. Grant or Rutherford B. Hayes,1876. Not supported by credible evidence, but also used by the U.S. Presidents Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan


Fun is one of the most important - and underrated - ingredients in any successful venture. 

Richard Branson